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Upcoming Training

  • Department Of Youth Development, Narshingdi
  • 10/21/2023-0:0
  • 10/29/2023-0:0
  • Velanagar, Narshingdi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • http://masum.info.bd/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Bangladeshi-Freelancing-training-masum-pramanik.jpg
  • Training on Digital Marketing
  • 0
  • Department Of Youth Development, Tangail
  • 10/30/2023-0:0
  • 11/13/2023-0:0
  • Ashikpur, Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • http://masum.info.bd/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Training-on-bangladesh.jpg
  • Training on Digital Marketing
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Freelancing Training In Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s government is really giving an opportunity to young people to be skilled. Nowadays, there are a lot of projects that are ongoing. I am really happy being a part of those. I started when i realize that my knowledge should share with the mass people as well. I am really enjoying it.

Local Govt. Training

I really love to train people. I am expereince on this field and i know how much strugle should a person do when he or she come to this field. So i really keen to teach people what i have experienced in my life and with my freelancing career.

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Masum Pramanik

Md Masum Pramanik is a co-founder of Story IT, a skilled digital marketer, and a proficient web designer. With over 7 years of experience working on Upwork, I have garnered extensive knowledge in digital marketing and web design.




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